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We understand the unique challenges dental professionals face in today's competitive market. That's why we're here to be your trusted partner, helping you generate appointments with high quality leads and make sure your calendar is always full.

every dental office experiences these challenges

Your Costly Burden of Front Desk Staffing



High Payroll Cost

Significant salary and benefit expenses impact the practice's budget.

Limited Availability

Front desk staff's work hours can't address inquiries beyond regular office times.

Human Errors

Mistakes in appointment scheduling lead to conflicts and patient dissatisfaction.

Staff Turnover

Frequent turnover disrupts recruitment and training, affecting service quality.

Inefficiencies During Breaks

Staff breaks cause office downtime, affecting patient care.

Downtime Due to Absences

Staff absences disrupt operations, leading to appointment delays.

Training Expenses

Training new staff incurs costs and time, including learning dental procedures.

Managing Performance

Supervising staff requires extra effort, with potential productivity issues.

Variable Customer Experience

Patient interactions vary, impacting satisfaction and retention.

We Can Help!


We Beat Industry Benchmark Results

Connection rate is up to 80%

Booking rate is

up to 60%

Show Rate is

up to 50%

Avg. Closed Rate is up to 66%


Why Partner With Our Call Center?

Efficient Appointment Scheduling

  • Our dental medical call center handle appointment scheduling round-the-clock, offering convenient booking options for patients and relieving the practice staff of this task.

Reduce No-Shows and Increased Revenue

  • We implement appointment reminder systems through various communication channels, significantly reducing no-shows and optimizing appointment slots, thereby boosting revenue.

Enhanced Patient Experience

  • Our agents are trained to provide professional and empathetic support to patients, addressing inquiries, concerns, and providing information to enhance the overall patient experience, improve satisfaction, and build patient loyalty.

Access to Specialized Partners

  • We offer additional services through our partners like insurance verification, medical billing, and claims follow-up, saving time and improving the practice's financial health. This allows dentists to focus on patient care.


What Dentists Are Saying

"Before I found Allon4 Liason my front desk office was struggling to manage the leads. We just couldn’t get patients in the chair. After a first month working with Allon4 Liaison I saw the result. I had much more leads scheduled and they were educated about the procedure. Every patient was given a follow up call and all questions were answered. Since first day working with AllOn4 Liaison team my production skyrocketed and kept growing. I highly recommend Allon4 Liaison, very easy to work with and results are amazing. 10 out 10 service".

Dr Andril Slobodian, East Hanover, NJ

Dedicated to Your Practice's Success

Why Rely on Dental Medical Call Center

  • Experience: With 27+ years of dental sales experience helping patients move forward with diagnosed treatments, we understand your unique needs and challenges.

  • Dedication: We're committed to your success. Your practice's growth is our top priority because when you succeed, we succeed.

  • Professionalism: Our team maintains the highest standards of professionalism and patient care

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We leverage the latest technology to streamline your processes and boost your practice's efficiency

We Are More Than Just a Call Center

Elevate Your Practice With Our Full Services

Medical Necessity Lead Generation Powered by Progressive Dental Marketing

  • We employ compliant, targeted healthcare marketing strategies to attract potential AllOn4/Implant patients to your offices

  • Our comprehensive approach identifies and captures new appointments via medical necessity patients with medical insurance

AllOn4/Implants Appointment Scheduling

  • We handle appointment scheduling of all Medical Necessity Appointments, confirmations, and rescheduling, ensuring your calendar is optimized for productivity

  • Our efficient reminder system increases the show up rate

  • We cover all the timezones so no lead will get lost

Client Relationship Management

  • Our dedicated account managers nurture leads and build strong patient relationships

  • We maintain a professional and empathetic connection with your clients

Performance Analytics

  • We track the success of your lead generation campaigns

  • You receive detailed reports on appointment metrics, helping you make data-driven decisions

  • We work closely with your Office Manager and Treatment Coordinator on appointments scheduled vs case acceptance to increase revenue


Check Out Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dental Medical Call Center, and what services does it offer?

A Dental Medical Call Center is a specialized service provider that offers comprehensive solutions to dental practices. These services typically include appointment scheduling, confirmation, and rescheduling, as well as handling patient inquiries, insurance verification, and claims processing.

How can your Dental Medical Call Center help my dental practice save money?

We can significantly reduce overhead costs by offering cost-effective appointment management solutions compared to hiring and maintaining in-house front desk staff. This can result in substantial savings for your practice. Usually, we save upwards of 4x.

Can your Dental Medical Call Center schedule appointments outside regular office hours?

Yes, we operate 24/7, allowing patients to book appointments at their convenience, even during evenings and weekends. This helps in optimizing appointment slots for your practice.

What measures does your Dental Medical Call Center take to minimize appointment no-shows?

Our Dental Medical Call Center agents implement effective appointment reminder systems, using various communication channels such as phone calls, SMS, and emails, to reduce the number of patient no-shows, thus maximizing your practice's revenue potential.

How can your Dental Medical Call Center improve the patient experience at my practice?

Our agents are trained to provide professional and empathetic support to patients, addressing their inquiries, concerns, and providing necessary information. This enhances the overall patient experience, improving satisfaction and fostering patient loyalty.

Does your Dental Medical Call Center offer specialized services beyond appointment scheduling?

Yes, our Dental Medical Call Center offer specialized services such as insurance verification, pre-authorization processing, and follow-up on outstanding claims, Medical Necessity lead generation, and a lot more. These services can streamline your practice's operations and improve its financial health.

Can I scale my dental practice with the support of your Dental Medical Call Center?

Absolutely. Our Dental Medical Call Center is designed to support practices of all sizes and can easily accommodate multiple locations. This scalability allows you to expand your practice without the hassle of hiring and training additional staff.

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